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Solar Panels


High-Grade Steel Frame Collectors

Robust and hard-wearing, they are ideal for domestic and commercial use. Providing flexibility in installation, these panels can be either 'in-roof' or 'on-roof' depending on your requirements.


Direct Flow Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

The flexible installation options of DF100 collectors provide the perfect solution when the ideal position on the building is not available.


Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

A dry heat pipe collector for ease of installation and maintenance. The dry connection between manifold and tube means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced. A unique temperature limitation device gives added system protection. A choice between two temperature limits provides the perfect hot water solution for your home or business.


Varisol DF

Varisol is a revolutionary new product from the makers of Thermomax that is set to redefine solar thermal technology the world over.


Modular Vacuum Tube Solar Thermal Collector

All the benefits of 'click-fit' installation combined with heat pipe technology to make Varisol HP ideal for the domestic market, giving energy savings guaranteed for life.

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