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Commercial Sanitaryware

Contract sanitaryware is a highly specialised area that we have almost 60 years of experience in. It covers everything from restaurants, pubs, shopping centres, hotels and office blocks in the private sector to schools, hospitals, prisons, leisure centres and government departments in the public sector.

Among the projects we have been involved in - just over the past five years are: 7 Jury Inns all over the UK, 14 Marks and Spencer stores, 19 Tesco Stores, 24 Hospital projects, 15 Social security offices, 47 KFC restaurants all over Ireland, 16 Starbucks, over 50 primary and secondary school projects and over 30 other government institutions including prisons and police stations.

The equipment we can supply ranges from Assisted Needs / Special care equipment including Doc M packs, to Stainless Steel and anti-vandal equipment, Dart Valley infrared controls, Reliance Water Controls and Hand Air Driers.

Our main suppliers are Armitage Shanks, Geberit, Broen, Reliance Water Controls, Pland, and Sissons - in fact, the list goes on . If you want any more details about the range of equipment that we can supply, please contact a member of our centralised Contracts department in Beggs & Partners in Belfast.

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